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thing was once a way for farming families to earn extra money during the winter months. you. will. ever know what. this man says the forest is his inspiration our one day mets and his children are on the lookout for resin he needs it as a material in his studio. part which will look how beautiful the resident is it's true blood. when they're injured it closes a wound and forms a new bar it's like that with my sculptures to sort of. injured them with the power was still wearing or come across a good feel. for the thousand. thousand
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. alan feels closely connected to his home and the environment the landscape defines his artistic signature. thief. it was for me the stuff from a western i think there's a certain rough feel to it you know from the bag which maybe comes from the mountains and is reflected in the people who live it here if. he had wanted to become a dental technician but he couldn't find an apprenticeship so he ended up at sculpting school there the students carved countless figures of saints he doesn't want to give up on tradition but he's made
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a conscious choice to go his own way. and with these days we have to confront the other languages that reality presents to us such as television and the internet for him coming for from those images are very fast on page sixty seven and we have to find a way to communicate and that's difficult with these traditional figures of saying . it's an interpret but you have to have an interpretation that can be read today and that's important to me for him and i think it's easier to communicate with your contemporaries if you use a modern or contemporary language we've been typing this and for a community here. since his sculptures were displayed at the venice biennale or the art world has taken notice our own exhibits all around the world in new york mexico and taipei just to name
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a few places. sculptures initially created a stir among conservative valley residents to charge to make it to a new jle the marin the police were sent rounds to talk to him. project if you compare yourself to the figures and you see the person that's there and you refer to yourself when you see a madonna you see one kind of figure it's different again with a christ figure and to make it figure birthing a child or even a man birthing a child you immediately relate that to yourself as a great. fish but it's not a direct comparison. it's about a story and i did.
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using a three d. scanner our own takes pictures of his models before distorting them on the computer sculpture in the digital age. the machine is computer controlled. he cuts the material the way the artist has programmed. on himself focuses on the surface of his skull just this is watch on sports his idea.
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in motion even for this machine almost distorts the figure into an animal are by sounding certain areas so i get back something really human something very tend toward. the upright position of his sculptures is very important to him i stand tall like trees in a forest. for pleasure your mouth just leave mine is i compare the life of a tree to the life of the person i write i try to incorporate something of the tree into the figure and vice versa. managed to figure then becomes the carrier of an in a value in an innovative. just the most on the tree old ways grows on the shady side on the north side of the farmer's i like the idea that a figure of a person can also have a sunny so mind and
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a ducks on. the album to see using the helicopter rescue operations of the iowa tug peen began at the san on which in the late eighty's. rafaƂ cos now has lived here since he was a teenager and. the youth of our fish to long not was nothing but blanks and there was no paneling inside it was very drafty and they did that for myself out of four old boards with a mattress on top of the one day i woke up and there was amount of snow next to my head and i had no water no electricity no access route no phone nothing so it grew very slowly it's nice to build something for yourself it's
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a softball kind of. rafael is termed the house into a flourishing in with his wife magdalena. today they run the business together with their grown up children the what used to be the base for the rescue crew. when we started this was a control center and the kitchen was out there and there was a window here we put up a desk we had a telephone and two radios and that was it for this father's. and when we got a call out everyone had to jump up macdill lane and everyone mountain rescue had
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absolute priority the guests weren't so important who through. the helicopter took off right next to the terrace. the sun on hunts during the pioneering days of the iowa topping the rescue service was founded when several mountain me. skewed teams joined forces the first rescue operations unforgettable. proviron think of i was very nervous when i see a young person joining us now flying for the first time and trembling i'm not surprised at all because i was the same me. it's an overwhelming emotion because it was incredible for me that you could be up from such a long go in just a few minutes in a helicopter over almost time has run out of room for one blob. even
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today pilots can't always calculate risks if. i still you know someone's up there who needs help and that's bad that need just washed up. he should be there as quickly as possible but there are situations when you just has to turn back. and that's tough. it's tough for them trying to go for it but you've got four other people on board so you sometimes have to say no. the team has been called out to an accident and more than three thousand meters once again emergency physician lydia al hunt her colleagues have to climb out on the helicopters airborne this time over a screech slope. the
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pilot heads off to locate some way to land. there he waits for news from the accident site. says news so does this i have a call it's not like this is all routine you're always very tense inside and you have to make many decisions in a very short period of touch i. think. thank. the rescue workers rehearse call outs like this several times a year working with the winch isn't entirely without its dangers it requires a lot of experience without help from the air this rescue operation would have taken hours too long in a life and death situation. a .
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leg by. the sea plane is a prop for the italian t.v. series on paso does c.l.o. or one step to heaven. forbid. it became a ratings hit in italy thanks to the landscape of the dollar might and its lead actor. movie star turns hill. in the role of forestry corps commander pietro he has to solve crimes.
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wild west in the middle of the dopamine it's. just it's similar for me even though the landscape is very different here. what i have my horses adventure it's an adventure. quando i told the producer i don't really play the forest you know if they gave me a horse in the forest. so it was him you got to. terence hill's mother was german his father italian he spent his childhood new devised in these days he lives in a maria and he helps choose the location for the series. it was very emotional for minimal to most and my father always told me about the beauty of the dollar mites as
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a child but in those days there weren't any lifts if he hiked fifty kilometers from heart to heart. if he knew the names of all mountains. to hit with and when i arrived here. what it was like an homage to my family man and their love of the mountains and the more it could have even happened on one time. mountain guide alvin shiner worked as the double for the hollywood star in the climbing scenes but when the production company called him his initial instinct was to turn the job down. its movie got to be honest i knew very little about the film industry and actors i know terrence hill from the great westerns i liked as a teenager and i said i'd be happy to be
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a mountain guide but i'd sent the my colleague for the job because his english is perfect and i couldn't do it with my poor english with a fake thank you mark of me through them and i thought he was american. if i have the mind of every race and i can. go. from. the province of south to all supports the filming with an impressive sum of money the support for the film business is intended to stimulate the local economy. they asked me to secure the stunting and once they were dead to film the scenes we realized that they were undoubtedly good at their job but they couldn't climb this mountain that's why they quickly took us for the job with a thing humph. to prevent it from being obvious that terence hill had a double in some scenes now in china war the stars shoes even though they were much
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too big for him. he have ever like these tracking shows normal hiking shoes are totally unsuitable and although they are just about usable i've had to kleinman cowboy boots joining the show that the cowboys do from clifton from is from. actual on the other any. thought of god but i'll be all over the bag. here forrest appeared throw has to rescue a teenager who's got himself into a difficult situation. you don't want to see through the difference between climbing as it's shown in t.v. scenes and real life is that the television version shows the dangerous and overly spectacular aspects. something always has to happen but i get the really nice things about being in the mountains rarely come across and these programs from collect them come face and.
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of course there's a happy ending for terrence hill forrest if you try to. is summoned to nepal for new adventures. the three peaks the north faces are even more than vertical overhangs drills for climbers but also a danger. to
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people have been injured in the three peaks a rescue operation could hardly be more difficult. to achieve the three peaks are unique and then monumental when you fly into them you suddenly feel very small. the helicopter can't get to the injured climbers the overhang is at its most extreme here on the western most pinnacle the blade would hit the wrong. things get complicated for the team they have to prepare a rescue using
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a fixed length rope attached to the helicopter the longer the rope the more difficult the maneuver they need a good hundred and thirty meters the rope is doubly secured to the helicopter mountain rest. you are towards evolved will be hanging on to the right he's tasked with extricating the climb as. our nanny cups are goes up and up and getting smaller and smaller. you look up and wonder how high it will go. and then you're up there has been turning life a carousel and i kind of say. but when i swing over and attach the injured person and that's the critical moment
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that ties in there on the rock face and we're all connected like a chain at the rock face and to person the rescue worker and the helicopter. and when the rescue operation is almost over it's still not over for me because it's much harder to drop them down at the end than a dazed by the rock face and there's nothing to show me how quickly i'm going down to mexico to scenes. this time it was just a training exercise but the real life imagine see has happened. to that question and you do think now we have to risk it all because of two crazy people that the risk of me smashing into a rock go losing our altitude certainly exists and we have to live with that. later
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but i joined the mountain rescue to help people not to be scared. they felt as though. this group is looking for clues zegerid vist hala and her companions are members of a society that studies the first world war and the front line that ran through the dollar knights. their home village of sesto or sexton in german is situated in an area that so heavy fighting south of all was part of austria at the time secrets great grandfather was a soldier on the mountain cold cold also d.
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sesto. the for want to climb up to the historic emplacements. sigrid source is a great grandfather's diary. and this was assessed bun and it was the very exciting for me to see how every day stories were documented i could dive into a world of a hundred years ago and see what happened day by day. at this my great grandfather was brave enough to write critically despite the censorship and put his feelings on paper. my car was a farmer he had a wife and children. august the twenty first nine hundred fifteen. heavy shelling and shrapnel fire chance of rock often fly through the air terrible screaming after the second shell the wounded and dead are
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often kept secret. it's incredible work to get a cannon like this up the mountain dragging it with ropes to the spot over several days. my under heavy fire for eight hours. i thought i'd never get out of it alive. i've. austrians against italians imperial rifle regiments against the isle peny but the forces of nature were more dangerous than the enemy avalanches rock falls in the cold killed more soldiers than enemy gunfire. into hawk winter in the high mountains was particularly bad for the soldiers there were two catastrophic winters during the war with huge amounts of snowfall it was very dangerous especially for the many porters who had to climb up and down all the time
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they were hit by avalanches but sometimes avalanches were artificially triggered to bury the enemy porters. many of the parts that were used to transport provisions and munitions still exist they were the first v.f. errata as in the dollar amounts. these four founded the society belum aquila room to keep the history of the mountain front from being forgotten. the. caves that were blasted into the mountainside by soldiers for shelter are at risk of collapsing on the cross or.
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for months troops were stuck at two thousand meters. during the winter they often had to go for days without food because the porters couldn't get through the deep snow with fresh supplies. almost all the food came out of ten's. thirty soldiers shared a space this big it seems as if they were here yesterday. you have your. great grandfather described the adverse conditions in his diary. july the third one nine hundred fifty lice the size of frogs no peace all night
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long the liason making everyone suffer more than the italians. our command is a drunk and we have to suffer hunger. we were given a soup not even dogs would touch. still with me this is really moved me because if we look at the remains here you can see what an inhospitable place it was and they all had wet clothes it must have been steaming everything was incredibly damp and that's why many soldiers got rheumatism that was the number one element conquered my mind's. made the thirtieth nineteen eighteen with peace i returned home.
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planet. cos now has to hurry he's flying snow cannons to slopes that are used by skiers and snowboarders in the winter it's late autumn and the weather is changing . without giving the peace a helping hand snow wise skiing would be impossible in the dolemite hundreds of snow can and i needed the fog that's closing in is a big concern. in getting a lot very quickly in the mountains if you have a long roll
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a cloud could have terrible consequences because you lose that visual connection says. the pilot it's one of those situations that tells him he's reached his limits. the fear is very important because it tells you when you've gone too far when you're in a situation where you feel the helicopter won't do what you want it's time to terminate. and that's when fear is important like a little light that says enough is enough once it's.
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in the winter south to laws economy depends on skiing the amount of snow and hours of sunshine are vital for the businesses here there are. well thousand kilometers of ski slopes in the golan heights alone. i. was. emergency dr livio of all hundred rescue workers of iota of paying work around the clock the number of serious skiing accidents is increasing year by year. as yvonne cynic i was really surprised by the accident dynamics on the slopes that the skiers are so fast and the injury patterns are almost the same as for motorcycle accidents. now protests. in turkey when it's really cold our drips frees the batteries don't work your hands
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get so none you can't work that makes everything you very difficult. every emergency call demonstrates a new how the mountains demand respect. the soul of our pina keeps us together is our enthusiasm for mountain rescue we love the mountains and we share this idealism i hope that spirit stays alive. i am i am the end.
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are you up to speed on the latest technology. know when it may be time for an upgrade. become part of the future become a cyborg i must say works so i've traded a new sense and a new organ and have designed my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the shoeman body and to connect people more effectively . i hope that this will make us more ethical persons if we have a greater understanding for each other. what would life be like as a cyborg how far would people be willing to go let's and that is so at the end of the day these technologies can be used against us what effect will it have been
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society does the human race really need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this. cyborg of shimon machines starting february first on d w. to move.
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this is. anger over government. as authorities crack down on the. conservative end. and. backlash of criticism. president it is a member nation with a reputation for corruption. in the spotlight. people to stay put.
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really make a difference. to have you with us tunisia has been rocked by a third night of violent clashes as government imposed price hikes intensifies riot police have used tear gas to disperse protesters in the capital tunis and four other cities one man has died and scores have been injured more than two hundred arrested the prime minister had warned rioters to expect a heavy security presence on the streets. even. hundreds of disaffected. and. violent unrest. with both sides trading tear gas under rocks some coming off wash for
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where. i was trying to talk to one of the policemen and suddenly one of them help me with his baton. that's been. seven years ago to near zero was the cradle of the arab spring after a revolt against rising costs that revolution may now be history but its spirit and its cause lives on for many in the rural heartland economic frustrations confusion go hand in hand. there was no one who couldn't prove that this is how we had to endure these clashes after a day of work. even our bus was attacked with tear gas. we need to find a solution for our youth politicians raised our living costs why don't they take a pay cut we have to suffer ticking two buses to the factory to earn just one hundred euros earlier this week one protester paid with his life and dozens more
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have been injured as economic hardship leaves its mark on china's ear. let's bring in simon speakman cordell a freelance journalist in tunis it was then about for us hi simon the economy in tunisia has been a lie.


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